Monthly Archives: April 2015

I’ve just changed the name.

So I made this a few years ago and hardly use it. I really mean to but then life gets in the way.

When I named it I hadn’t really established who I was politically or in regards to social justice. I felt strongly about things but didn’t really understand some issues like I do now.

I’ve also never made my struggles with anxiety a secret and am not at all ashamed to tell people about my experience of therapy (which was so flipping useful). I also hope that I’ve always been supportive of others and their mental health.

I’ve since realised that regardless of my intention the flippant use of “crazy” in my blog title isn’t cool and is ableist and that isn’t who I am or want to be.

So on that note if anyone read this in the past and was offended I apologise unreservedly, that was entirely my fault and I’m working on not doing this kind of thing anymore.